• Beetroot juice is the key to vegan ‘Bleeding Burger at Harvey Nichols

Beetroot juice is the key to vegan ‘Bleeding Burger at Harvey Nichols

7 October 2018

WE were delighted to welcome in Veganuary with Harvey Nichols’ imaginative Vegan Menu. Further evidence of their plant-based commitment comes with their adding to the Second Floor Bar and Brasserie menu the groundbreaking Moving Mountains B12 – the UK’s first ever meatless ‘bleeding’ burger.

It has apparently taken a team of leading UK scientists, chefs and farmers more than two years and over 200 test-kitchen recipes to create this groundbreaking alternative aimed at flexitarians, vegans, vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.

When cooked in the pan or BBQ, it sizzles, smells and browns just like the real thing and,  when perfectly cooked, it bleeds through the middle – with beetroot juice instead of blood.

In collaboration with Moving Mountains, Harvey Nicks’ head chef Matthew Horsfield has designed a unique serve of the 100 per cent vegan pattie with cos lettuce, beef tomato, ginger mayonnaise, chimichurri, cheese, courgette tempura and Asian slaw. 

So what makes up this uncanny replica of animal meat with zero cholesterol and free from antibiotics and hormones?

Oyster mushrooms, pea and potato protein, wheat and soy proteins, coconut oil, oats, essential ‘beef’ nutrient Vitamin B12 and the ‘bleeding beetroot juice’.

Harvey Nichols, Second Floor Bar and Brasserie, 21 Cathedral Approach, Manchester M1 1AD.