• Bureaucratic nightmare after Marble’s glorious Pint doesn’t add up

Bureaucratic nightmare after Marble’s glorious Pint doesn’t add up

4 January 2018

MARBLE Brewery’s 20th birthday celebration last month was one helluva party (above). Among the many pints downed was Pint, simple, classic, a 3.9 session ale they’ve been brewing since 2009 with no complaints (except when it runs out).

Like the craft brewers who have followed in their pioneering wake Marble have shifted big time into cans to spread their iconic ales more widely. And that’s where the trouble has started. 

We won’t call it a storm in a pint pot because the cans hold only 500ml, 68ml less than a pint measure. So after one stickler complained Trading Standards sent a letter insisting they ‘reconsider’ the name of the beer. ‘Pint’ could be deemed "misleading" under the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 and the Weights and Measures Act 1985. Phew.

The rumpus has been bubbling over since summer but now after council pressure the cult brewery may have to finally rebrand rather than face an expensive wrangle in the courts. Owner Jan Rogers said: "We're a small company that doesn't have the time or resources to get involved in a legal battle about this matter."

Speaking to the Morning Advertiser, Marble head brewer James Kemp said the dispute was 'a bit silly', because the beer is also served in 'schooners and half pints'. Exactly.

Party poopers rule – welcome to 2018.