• Lily's


75-83 Oldham Road



Simple and tasty, Lily’s makes a visit to Ashton’s Ikea superstore just across the road a whole lot more appealing. It has moved into swisher new premises featuring a stunning mural but the affordable, authentic veggie and vegan cuisine hasn't changed. Something of a local secret, house specials include made to order masala dosa (rice flour pancake with a fragrant curry sauce), bhel puri (crispy puffed rice with tamarind) and samosa, plus various pakoras (spicy, lightly battered savory snacks) and kachori (stuffed dough balls, filled with beans or peas, as well as warming tones of ginger and red chilli), available to take out or eat in. The drinks menu includes Asian lagers and soft drinks; ideal companions to the spicyIndian flavours that are typical of the Gujarat region. Sweet freaks will be in their element thanks to mountains of hand-crafted delights to take home while the interior is primarily red and well lit. It all adds up to a punchy lunch. 

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