• Barbakan


67-71 Manchester Rd


M21 9PW

0161 881 7053


Established over 40 years ago, the Barbakan Polish deli has earned itself a well deserved reputation as one of the city’s finest bakeries and delicatessens. Supplying many of the city’s top restaurants, more than 50 varieties of bread are sold including Chorlton sourdough, cheese, tomato and bacon and even Belgian chocolate, not to mention Polish poppy seed and the famous, health-conscious Marathon Bread. The deli also offers a serious range of cooked meats, cheeses (pasteurised and unpasteurised), salads and pastries, including excellent baked Polish cheesecakes. For lunch sample the Barbakan's sandwich selection (to eat in on bench-style seating or out), homemade quiche and salads. Weekends see a grill manned on the front veranda to lure passerbys.

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