• GRUB launch crowdfunding campaign to boost Red Bank base

GRUB launch crowdfunding campaign to boost Red Bank base

14 January 2020 by Neil Sowerby

IT’S all go from GRUB at the moment. This weekend (January 17-19) they are holding their last ever event at Fairfield Social Club, Winter Beerfest 2020 (full details here), then the following weekend (January 24-26) they are reprising their plant-based festival ExtrVEGANza (our full preview) at their new Red Bank Project home.

In the midst of all this activity (their Chapeltown Picture House side venture is also close to  returning to Crusader Mill) the street food heroes have launched a crowdfunding campaign with a target of £17,000 to improve that new Green Quarter site they plan will be their permanent HQ after a nomadic five years.

There is obviously room for investment on the evidence of a recent Saturday visit when three trader stalls clustered forlornly at the end of the open yard. Admittedly it was raining and the inside bar and hall were cosy and well-stocked with beer!

Their Kickstarter campaign is not just about a food and drink market place. They want the site to be a hub for community group, charities and creatives all under one roof. 

There are also plans for a free mentoring programme for home chefs who want to get started in street food. 

Not content with that, GRUB is looking to build Manchester’s best beer garden (with some covered spaces). In addition, the plan is to build a new interior market hall and a performance space plus equipment to support new traders at their weekend food fairs.

Investors’ rewards range way from pin badges to a street food party for 200 guests. The Kickstarter deadline is 6pm on Sunday, February 2. GRUB hope to follow in the footsteps of successful local indie crowdfunders such as Pollen, Kala and Yakumama, but if they fall even one penny short they won’t receive anything. 

GRUB is open every Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Free entry, family and dog-friendly. Full event details here. The Red Bank Project is at 50 Red Bank, Manchester, M4 4HF.