• Honest Crust: My Manchester top 10

Honest Crust: My Manchester top 10

25 May 2015 by Lucy Lovell

In 'My Top 10' we grill local industry experts on their favourite foodie spots in Manchester. Where do brewers go for a pint? Where to chefs go for dinner? We wanted to find out. 

This week Taste of Manchester caught up with Richard Carver, founder of Honest Crust pizza and their new venture, Little Window. 

From humble beginnings with his mobile pizza oven, Richard has since worked his way up to a permanent unit at Market House, the indoor food hall of Altrincham Market.

From the Atomica! with spicy 'nduja, to the classic Margherita with San Marzano tomatoes, Honest Crust’s sourdough pizzas have been drawing in foodies from across the UK for a slice of the action. 

1. Top bar: Common

 I liked the old Common and I really like the new Common. The attention to detail is spot on. The menu is great and there's always good beer to be had. 

2. Top pub: Shoulder of Mutton

I live at the bottom of the Rake in Ramsbottom which has got to be one of the steepest hikes to the pub in the country. It's just a lovely pub with some really smart cooking and good service.

3. Top restaurant: Levanter

Always packed out and rightly so. Great cooking, top quality produce and a massive love and commitment for what they do. Ramsbottom is very lucky to have them! 

4. Top spot for everyday eats: Market House, Altrincham

It’s got to be Market House, Altrincham! I may have a slightly biased point of view here but I can say with confidence that I can eat at Market House everyday of the week, because I do, and really enjoy something different each day. There’s simply some of the best food about washed down with some of the best drink about. And the pizza’s not bad either. 

5. Top newcomer: Rudy's Neapolitan Pizza 

Not strictly in business yet so more of a one to watch - Rudy’s Neapolitan Pizza. Jim has been working for us while his place gets sorted and he is even more obsessive about pizza than me. We’ve had day long conversations about tomatoes. He was late for work one day after missing his tram stop because he was looking at pictures of pizza on the internet. Says it all. 

6. Top brewery: Blackjack Brewery

Got to be Blackjack Brewery - the monthly Brewery Tap was one of our favourite events when we were more mobile. The people behind it are crazy about beer. And most importantly the beer is brilliant. The Native Sun Doppelbock, aged in Pinot Noir barrels is the one to track down.

7. Top café: North Tea Power

Consistently top notch for years. Again the attention to detail makes all the difference. They've built a great space around a really top quality product. Very nice grilled cheese as well! 

8. Top street food trader: Yakumama

There’s some really strong contenders nowadays in Manchester but for me it’s got to be Yakumama. Their food is really fresh and full of flavour. The Cuban beef and olive empanada with chimichurri is perfection! 

9. Hidden gem: Sanmini's

Beautiful home style Southern Indian cooking. The flavours are superb. Should be more well known for sure.

10. Wild card: GRUB

They're already involved in loads of great shenanigans. The Shebeen festival was a brilliant event. I can't wait to see what Keystone brings. They're smart people who really care about the food. And they're getting some really top traders to their events. 

Visit Honest Crust at Market House, Altrincham, or follow them on Twitter and Facebook.