• Northern Quarter vegan bar Folk & Soul has closed

Northern Quarter vegan bar Folk & Soul has closed

5 April 2019

LESS  than a year after opening the NQ’s all-vegan bar Folk & Soul has closed its doors. Co-owners Matt Nickson and Annabel Holland issued a statement on Instagram saying:

“Hi everyone. As of now this version of Folk & Soul is closed. We've had an amazing time and met the most wonderful people you could ever imagine. we will be back and expect to find us in the most unexpected places.”

This attractive conversion of the former Odd Bar premises on Thomas Street was a bold statement from the start. Even the paint and wallpaper were plant-based, lattes came with soya milk, the beers were vegan too, while the vegan snack menu eschewed meat substitutes Quorn and Seitan. 

“We’ll be genuinely plant-based, cooking dishes from the freshest vegetables from our region – you can get your protein from nuts,’ Matt told us pre-launch.

The upstairs room hosted live music and comedy, so the closure is a double blow to the liveliness of the NQ scene.