• 'One Dish Room' brings communal dining to Old Bank

'One Dish Room' brings communal dining to Old Bank

30 June 2019

PLEASE don’t confuse it with Dishoom, that buzzing Indian incomer with an extensive menu inside history Manchester Hall.

There’s also plenty of history (Co-op related) attached to the Hanover Street premises hosting The Old Bank Residency, whose latest, quirky dining offering is, what it says on the tin, ‘One Dish Room’, a communal down-tools dining experience’,

In the heart of the creative studio environment designer Standard Practice have established a simple kitchen to serve a nourishing lunchtime meal every Friday based upon one weekly changing dish. Vegan by default. There are enough portions to serve 40 guests at a price point of £4 a head to make this family style meal as inclusive as possible. 

With an eye on increasing sustainability across the studio, One Dish Room works with localoy supplied seasonal ingredients. Pulses, spices and seasonal vegetables are purchased from McCalls’ Organics with fresh bread is delivered warm from the oven by down-the-road neighbours Noi Quattro. Food waste reduction app Too Good To Go ensures every portion is served. 

One Dish Room is open every Friday 12-3pm at the Old Bank Residency, Hanover Street, NOMA. Follow @oldbanknoma for the latest updates.