• Spend the weekend in Transylvania via Albert Square!

Spend the weekend in Transylvania via Albert Square!

9 May 2017 by Neil Sowerby

TRANSYLVANIA gets it in the neck through all that Dracula mythmaking but for a taste of its true folksy heritage look no further than a free festival taking over Albert Square this weekend (May 13-14) with a rich mix of live music and crafts, food and drink.

Góbéfest aims to celebrate the vibrant culture of the Székely Hungarians from a region that, translated literally as “the land beyond the forest”, also straddles Romania.

Major stumbling block maybe pronunciation. ToM is looking forward to ordering a Tiltott Igazi Csiki Sör (craft beer) to accompany cheeses from Torockószentgyörgy (pictured).

Other treats in store include Kürtőskalács, a type of chimney cake originating from Székelyland but also highly popular in Hungary proper; Lángos, fried dough served with toppings such as grated cheese, creme fraiche and garlic; Hortobagyi pancake with paprika sauce and Hungarian sausage crunch; and that world famous stew, in its authentic form here, Gulyás (pictured below).

A main stage will present music and dance from the region – from traditional folk to the contemporary pop sounds of Saverne, Carpathia’s answer to Gorillaz and Jack White, and on Saturday there will be an afterparty at rock bar Rebellion on Deansgate Locks, with DJ sets and vocalists from the UK and Hungary.

Sat 13-Sun 14 May, 11am-10.30pm, Albert Square, Manchester, M60 2LA. Free. www.gobefest.com