• Support Open Kitchen MCR in providing meals for self-isolators

Support Open Kitchen MCR in providing meals for self-isolators

17 March 2020 by Neil Sowerby

OPEN Kitchen MCR, campaigners against food going to waste, are stepping into the front line to help folk who are going to struggle to keep themselves fed during the coronavirus social distancing protocols. 

Formerly Real Junk Food Manchester and a non-profit organisation, they work with a huge range of food businesses to source perfectly edible food destined to be dumped and turn it into serviceable, often delicious, meals for vulnerable people.

This remit now looks likely to extend to those at high risk due to existing health concerns, and therefore having to self-isolate as the pandemic threatens. 

Spokesperson Corin Bell told us: “As the government measures take holdwe imagine there will be a huge number of people affected, including children who would normally receive a free school meal, people in food poverty who would normally visit a food bank or community centre for support, and people who become ill and have a limited network of support around them. 

“We are currently in contact with colleagues from Manchester and Greater Manchester authorities, the NHS, and other support organisations, and will help in any way we can with a coordinated response to support people through the crisis. Donations to food banks are currently down as people who would usually support start to feel the strain. 

“However food waste is currently massively on the rise as events are cancelled and businesses and education institutions shut down. So, we’ve decided not to wait. We will absolutely continue to coordinate with the Greater Manchester wide effort to respond to people in crisis in a joined up, coordinated way, but as of this morning we’ve got a lot of food, no catering orders, and lots of people who are going to need our help in the coming weeks and months. 

“We are starting to prepare good ‘home-cooked’ meals, and to portion them out into microwaveable containers. We plan to make and deliver a mix of meals and groceries to people who are struggling.” 

To do this continuously OPEN Kitchen MCR needs funds. To offer a donation go this link. Or if you are a business that can offer food that will go to waste email details to info@openkitchenmcr.co.uk and they’ll confirm what food contributions are acceptable.