• Women’s World Cup inspired menu kicks off at Cafe Football

Women’s World Cup inspired menu kicks off at Cafe Football

7 June 2019

WHILE you settle down at Cafe Football, Old Trafford, to enjoy your fill of live Women’s World Cup action check out the new appropriate menu curated by Hotel Football co-owner and Lionesses head coach Phil Neville.

It’s not just a set of punny treats either. Philip has teamed up with the Cafe Football chefs to create the limited edition offering after taking inspiration from dishes popular with our female football aces. Katsu ‘Capt’ Curry, Fizzer’s Caesar Salad, Tackle-atelle and the Kick-Kat Cheesecake will be available for the duration of the tournament (June 7-July 7).

The team favourites are: Katsu ‘Capt’ Curry (£12) – breaded chicken and basmati rice in a mild curry sauce;Fizzer’s Caesar Salad (£10) – iceberg lettuce, garlic croutons, bacon and char-grilled chicken with Caesar salad dressing;  Tackle-atelle (£11.50 + £2 to add chicken) – char-grilled Med vegetables, tomato fondue and basil pesto with optional added char-grilled chicken; Kick-Kat Cheesecake (£6) vanilla flavoured with chunky chocolate wafer pieces. 

Cafe Football Old Trafford, on the ground floor of Hotel Football, across the road from the MUFC Stadoium, is showing all the FIFA Women’s World Cup live from France on its 13 plasma screens. To book a table visit www.cafe-football.com or call 0161 751 0430.