• Baratxuri


1 Smithy Street




Pronounced Barachurry, this homage to basque pintxos joints is an offspring of Levanter around the corner – itself a restaurant/bar born out of Joe and Fiona Botham's  business importing high-quality Spanish raw materials, including aged beef from pensioned-off Galician milkers that is currently the big cow wow in London. Levanter wowed the likes of Observer food critic. We're sure he'd be equally enthusiastic of this narrow little place, where you stick flagged sticks in a cup to tot up the bill as you grab from the procession of small dishes emerging from the open kitchen. Check out such Basque tongue twisters as txistorra, a sausage roll encasing piquant chorizo or  txangurro a la Donastiana, a pimento-rich spider crab tartlet that's a signature dish of San Sebastian. No booking. Get there early. 

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