• Dockyard Media City

Dockyard Media City

Dock House

Media CIty


M50 2EQ

0161 359 3848

Booming (in both senses) industrial looking pub, quenching the thirst of media men and women. Best bet cfor this is the house beer from the enterprising Brightside of Radcliffe. Food is pleasingly simple, centring on excellently pies such as corned beef, onion and potato or three bean diablo chill, served with potatoes, peas and gravy. Tuck in while watching a movie on the screen that dominates part of this huge drinking space or eavesdrop on some BBC levy conversation in a corner.

There is a similar looking sibling at B3/4 Left Bank, Orwell Street, Manchester M3 3AN (0161 359 4549, http://dockyard.pub)