• To all our food and drink industry family from MFDF… we're here to help

To all our food and drink industry family from MFDF… we're here to help

18 March 2020

We know that these extremely uncertain times are hitting you all very hard, but we're stronger together and we'll do everything we can to help at a time of such devastation. Remember you can’t do it all alone. 

Manchester Food and Drink Festival hosts an annual coming together celebrating an  incredibly vibrant restaurant and bar scene. Now that scene’s under threat from circumstances we could never have imagined only a few short weeks ago. Keep abreast of the latest developments through Taste of Manchester and it makes sobering reading.

MFDF itself has a massive platform and a dedicated following across the city and we will use this to support and share your venue updates and news. Whether you're setting up a delivery service, selling restaurant vouchers to be used at a later date, petitioning the government, want to alert the world to the health safety precautions you are implementing or just want to share ideas and thoughts… MFDF is here to spread the word. 

We know things are changing by the hour, so let’s keep talking.  Please do get in touch and send us your updates and we will share news across all our platforms. 

Email barbara@foodanddrinkfestival.com with your news, thoughts, requests, and we'll do whatever we can to help. 

Stay strong and keep safe Manchester.