• 3 Essential Late-Night Bars For When You Want ‘Just One More’

3 Essential Late-Night Bars For When You Want ‘Just One More’

28 April 2023 by Sam Easton

It’s that time of the night, the pubs starting to shut up shop and you’ve heard the dreaded bell for last orders, at this point you’re presented with two options: A) you head to the takeaway and make your way home or B) someone chirps up with the phrase we’ve all heard more than enough times... “anywhere still open around here?”. We've put our feelers out and selected a few of Manchester’s late night spots for you to carry on and have that last drink, whether that is your last is up to you.

Behind Closed Doors

When Behind Closed Doors initially opened not many took notice, it was simply another door on Oldham street however when clientele started to catch on to the surprisingly seedy dive bar, things started to get interesting. With a focus on tongue in cheek outward sexuality and a selection of expertly made cocktails this late-night haven for all things risqué became increasingly popular. Combined with the purposely seedy lighting and rotating soft core ‘imagery’ on the televisions, there’s plenty of fun to be had.

Lost Cat

One of Oldham Streets newer additions, Lost Cat is rides the line perfectly between bar and club. Too casual for the all out energy of a club, far too much vigour for a quiet sit down pint and is that a bad thing? Absolutely not. This hybrid bar keeps it simple and supplies you with everything you’d need for a late night pint. Good drinks, reasonable prices and the undeniable background hum of a good time. Lost Cat does the basics well and isn't trying to be anything it’s not and for that we applaud it.

The Washhouse

One of Manchester’s original ‘secret’ bars, the washhouse disguises itself as a (no prizes here) laundrette but look closer and you’ll notice that the large washing machine isn’t in fact there for its intended purpose but a door. You will have to book with The Washhouse which unfortunately does take the spontaneity out of it all slightly but we promise it’s worth it. You’ll be able to get inside by picking up the phone and confirming your reservation, once inside you’ll have the option to sample some of Manchester's most creative cocktails (we’re not just waxing lyrical there). A real unique treat and the perfect way to round off any date night.

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