• 3 Stockport Venues That Solidify Its New Town Of Culture Status

3 Stockport Venues That Solidify Its New Town Of Culture Status

2 June 2023 by Sam Easton

After last week's news that Stockport had officially been named Manchester's ‘Town Of Culture 2023’ it only seemed right to highlight the places that have helped bring this thoroughly deserved status back to the hat makers home.

We've complied three of our favourites that are really making Stockport shine once again.

Where The Light Gets In

Found in the first floor of an old coffee house In Stockport’s scenic old town, Where The Light Gets In is truly the cream of the crop when it comes to quality, process and all-round approach to dining within Stockport’s food scene.

Accommodating for 30 guests at a time, WTLGI is an intimate dining experience and is all the better for it, their approach to cuisine comes from a seasonal stand point, focusing on fresh ingredients from the very best traders up and down the country with some of them even being supplied from their own farm.

WTLGI is a triumph of a dining experience blending both intelligent cuisine with a passionate approach to sustainability. At £75pp it’s definitely at the pricier end of what Stockport has to offer but it’s certainly worth it.


Although it may be unassuming from the outside, Baekdu is Stockport's premier Korean BBQ experience. 

Although Baekdu itself could be described as somewhat performative event dining the real test is their quality of ingredients and this is where they really prove themselves. A menu providing a marriage of quantity, quality and topped with a real sense of intrigue around their menu, makes not only for an interesting experience but also an entertaining one too.

Baekdu is without doubt on the slightly more expensive end of the scale but the quality of the meal and memorable event makes it worth it.

Foodie Friday

Finally, last and certainly not least is Foodie Friday, the jewel in Stockport’s foodie crown. The last Friday of every month Stockport's already tantalising produce hall expands out and connects with the market to create a town centre based foodie extravaganza. 

Local traders combine with stalls, vans and the established venues to seamlessly highlight everything food-based Stockport has to offer with an event that’s just oozing with community spirit. Although it’s only on once a month this really is a spectacular event and really proves how far Stockport has come in terms of not only its food scene but also its range, diversity and cultural prowess as a town.

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