• 7 Manchester restaurants named on ‘Britain’s 100 Best Local Restaurants’ list

7 Manchester restaurants named on ‘Britain’s 100 Best Local Restaurants’ list

7 July 2023

We’re not unfamiliar with seeing the likes of The Sparrows and newcomer Higher Ground hit the top spots on various best restaurants round-ups, so it will come as no surprise that the two restaurants, alongside 14 other Northwest venues, have received a coveted spot in The Good Food Guide’s ‘100 Best Local Restaurants’, published today.

All the restaurants on the list have been inspected by Good Food Guide inspectors, travelling the length and breadth of England, Scotland and Wales to compile the final list. For the North-West, The Sparrows claimed the title of overall regional winner and is joined by:

·  10 Tib Lane (Greater Manchester)

·  Four & Twenty (Cumbria)

·  Belzan (Merseyside)

·  The Yan (Cumbria)

·  Edinburgh Castle (Greater Manchester)

·  Another Hand (Greater Manchester)

·  Covino (Chester)

·  The Kirkstyle Inn and Sportsman Rest (Cumbria)

·  Parkers Arms (Lancashire)

·  Bombay to Mumbai (Greater Manchester)

·  The Nag’s Head (Cheshire)

·  The White Horse (Cheshire)

·  Lily’s Vegetarian (Greater Manchester)

·  Kysty (Cumbria)

·  Higher Ground (Greater Manchester)

The complete list includes city centre locations, as well as suburban and rural offerings. Typically, Best Local Restaurants have been geographically located in classic ‘neighbourhood’ locations, but The Good Food Guide’s team of inspectors found that connection to the community is far more important than the restaurant’s address, with central Manchester bistro Higher Ground epitomising this. 

A public nomination for Higher Ground read: “A friendly, welcoming local restaurant in the heart of the city centre, creating a much-needed link to the local food system. Using local produce from the restaurant’s partner farm, Cinderwood Market Garden, guests are able to connect with the seasons and the land. Many regulars and neighbours meet here and enjoy each other’s company, often bumping into other friends which creates a real sense of community.”

It comes as no surprise that The Sparrows was named the overall winner for the Northwest category. It’s difficult to bag a table in the restaurant on a usually quiet Tuesday evening, and guests go mad for its take of modern continental food. Fresh egg pasta dominates the menu, swimming in rich sauces, alongside both Russian and Polish-style dumplings that are packed with a range of fillings.

Britain’s 100 Best Local Restaurants will provide a huge boost to the hospitality industry across the country, highlighting those who often miss the spotlight whilst providing an excellent and vital service to their community.

Kate Nicholls, CEO of UKHospitality said of the awards: “Local restaurants are so often the heartbeat of communities; providing jobs, generating economic growth and, most importantly, providing fantastic food. It’s brilliant to see such huge support from the public for their local restaurants and is deserved recognition of their hard work. This sort of support is invaluable as venues face ever-rising costs and is essential in keeping valued businesses viable.”

Thom Hetherington, Co-founder of the Northern Bar and Restaurant Show said; “The Good Food Guide was a revelation to me as a fledgling foodie 25 years ago, and its authority and independence is as crucial to today’s diners as ever - not just highlighting big names, but shining a light on the sometimes hidden restaurant gems that locals love and others need to know about.”

You can view the full list here.