22 April 2021 by Deanna Thomas

During lockdown, Prestwich’s independent wine store, Grape to Grain, has flourished with weekly Live Tastings paired with food. Initially starting with cheese and charcuterie, they soon began to explore wine paired with crisps, chocolate and now they’re collaborating with local restaurants.

Following Grape to Grain’s last hugely successful wine-paired Live Tasting with Common’s Nell’s Pizza, the next collaboration is happening on 29th April with Neapolitan pizza powerhouse Rudy’s. 

People order the food and drink before the event and it all gets delivered in perfect time to join in via Facebook Live and Zoom to meet the folk behind the business and learn more about individual wines without even having to leave the comfort of their own home (and no queuing).

Rudy’s ‘Bake at Home’ pizzas are hand-made by Rudy’s expert pizzaiolos with dough made fresh daily using Caputo ’00’ flour which has been left to ferment for at least 24 hours, alongside the best quality ingredients imported twice a week from Naples. 

For this collaboration Grape to Grain have paired the wines to match with one of Rudy’s Bake at Home pizzas which has been specially developed specially for the event - another collab with self-proclaimed sausage connoisseurs Grandad’s Sausages featuring their amazing fennel sausage and scamorza, a smoked mozzarella.

Vegetarians will be sent the traditional portobello; San Marzano tomatoes, fresh veggie fior di latte, Portobello mushrooms, basil, oregano, sea salt, garlic oil. And for vegans, the vegan calabrese with San Marzano tomatoes, preserved black bean 'Nduja, celeriac ‘ricotta’ and fresh basil.

But what about the drink? Each wine enthusiast will receive three wines from Southern Italy, specially paired for a variety of pizzas, including vegetarian and vegan options. 

  • First up will be Produttori di Mandurias Zin Fiano, a light and perfumed white wine from Puglia, the renowned heel of Italy. 
  • Next, on the other side of the spectrum, is Tenute Rubino’s Oltreme Susumaniello, a balanced ruby red that showcases the versatility of Puglia’s viticulture. 
  • Finally, over the water into Sicily, is an organic wine made of 100% Nero d’ Avola, Sicilys indigenous grape. Peppery and powerful, Fabrizio Vella’s Rosso Organico doesn’t pull any punches. 

Prices include pizza and wine with three options available depending on budget and number of guests: 

  • A ‘Taster’ of three 100ml wine servings with one pizza (£27.50) 
  • ‘Carafes’ of three 500ml wines servings with two pizzas (£82.50) 
  • A Full Bottle of three 750ml wines with two pizzas (£95)

Delivery is free on orders of over £100 and delivery is limited to Greater Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool postcodes.

The event will be streamed on Facebook Live and Zoom from 8pm on Thursday 29th April. Bookings close on Sunday 25th, with deliveries made on Wednesday 28th April. 

To sign up for this event and view the next month’s calendar, visit Grape to Grain’s website. 


Have you got a home pizza oven but you just can’t get your dough right? You might also be interested in this upcoming workshop which will transform your pizza making.


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What’s included?

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During the session you will learn how to make your own sourdough mother for all your future pizzas. Also, how to blend your recipe for pizza or bread making, proving your dough correctly, the art of shaping and spinning pizza dough, different baking methods, ovens and pans.

Workshop is £65.00 per household. To secure your place visit: www.lovinglyartisan.com