• BOOZE AND BEATS: Stockport is getting a new audiophile bar

BOOZE AND BEATS: Stockport is getting a new audiophile bar

28 March 2024 by Rhiannon Ingle

For anyone absolutely gutted about Ancoat's NAM closing down back in January, you'll be happy to hear that the team behind the killer Vietnamese restaurant will be opening the doors to their brand-new project, Ōdiobā.

Ōdiobā is an Audiophile Hi-Fi focused venue, based in the Underbanks in Stockport which is already home to record shop stalwarts like SK1 Records and All Night Flight. NAM's hand-built sound system will be relocated to the new premises.

"The combination of vintage Tannoy 15-inch monitor, gold, hand-made Altec replica multicellular horn speakers, Conrad Johnson and Quad amplifiers, and an Isonoe 420 analogue rotary mixer provides a level of enveloping detail that can make even the most familiar of records sound and feel completely unfamiliar," NAM founder Nam Tran told Resident Advisor in 2021. 

Speaking about the opening, the peeps behind Ōdiobā said: "We’re absolutely buzzed to be here and to share the street with some incredible independent neighbours. We’re hoping those who have shared the journey with us so far will continue to do so down on the cobbles. For now we’re offering coffee and tea in the daytime, before dimming the lights for booze and beats in the evening."

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