Buon appetito Manchester!

22 May 2007

Donatello Walt Osti, manager of the Italian Chamber of Commerce for the North West, based in Manchester City centre, told us where he likes to go
for a nice meal in town.

"My favourite places to eat in the city centre are the San Carlo and Cocotoo Restaurants for real Italian food. Pizza as well as pasta are definitely the best in town, but if you like piadine e panini made with fresh Italian ingredients, I suggest you visit the Italian stand at the Market inside the Arndale Centre.
Within the wonderful atmosphere of Love Saves the Day and Olive Delicatessen (where Donatello is having his espresso, in the picture) you can have a nice intimate lunch break and indulge in wonderful bagels, home made panini and traditional sandwiches.

I am also a regular at Soup Kitchen for the exquisite and healthy soups to be complemented with a mixed salad or sandwich. The atmosphere is chilled-out, very friendly and being a self service joint very good for a quick lunch. As a fan of Japanese food I recommend New Samsi, Sapporo as well as Wagamama, the Japanese as much as the Italians are fond of their food and dining means a lot more than simply filling yourself. The three restaurants are very different and depending on tastes and budget constraints you can find something suitable. I recommend the bento boxes at New Samsi, the Miso Ramen at Wagamama whilst all the Teppanyaki food is exquisite at Sapporo".

The Italian Chamber of Commerce is devoted to promoting and extending business relations between the United Kingdom and Italy. It offers assistance to members and non-members who are interested in trading goods or services between Italy and England.
Food and Drink is one of the driving sectors of the Italian exports markets and in Manchester you can enjoy great Italian food both in restaurants and delis.