• C'mon feel the buzz as cider gets its seven days in the spotlight

C'mon feel the buzz as cider gets its seven days in the spotlight

5 September 2019

WHAT a glorious image of freshly picked cider apples this is. It seems far removed from the urban hipness of Ancoats but it sums up a keynote event in the inaugural Manchester Cider Week (September 9-15), which begins next Wednesday.

The Crown & Kettle has been the epicentre of the city’s resurgent interest in artisan cider, hosting meetings of the Mcr Cider Club the second Thursday of each month. Now on Saturday, September 14 it snug accommodates a Q&A between Portland Oregon beer guru Jeff  Alworth and US cider apostle The Rev Nat, whose innovative takes on fermented apple juice are taking over the taps that evening.

That colourful harvest image leads of a ‘Future of Cider’ article in Alworth’s famous Beervana blog.  Not so long ago that might not have been such an absorbing subject but both sides of the Pond it is being championed.

Hence Manchester Cider Week, a whole seven days of events to clear away any cloudy preconceptions of Strongbow, Magner’s and dog rough scrumpy.

For aficionados and novices alike there’s plenty on offer… from the Rev Nat to legendary Herefordshire cider and perry maker Tom Oliver, from tastings to a cider Party at the Green Space at Stretford Mall. Highlights below:

Tue 10 ‘Planning meeting for a Winter Wassail 2020’ – Marble Bar, 57 Thomas Street,7pm.

Wed 11 ‘Introducing Local Ciders’ – Beatnikz Republic, Dale Street, 7pm, with Chris Hewitt from Dunham Press Cider.

Thu 12  Mcr Cider Club with Tom Oliver - The Crown and Kettle (Sold out). Long term sound engineer with The Proclaimers, Oliver brings his harmonising skills to blending cider. he has also collaborated with prominent cider makers and brewers around the world. The club meets on the second Thursday of each month and in the following months will feature: Dunham Press, Ascension, Little Pomona, Ross Cider, Hogans, Find and Foster, Hawkes Cider and Nightingales Cider.

Fri 13 ‘Cider in Stalybridge’ – Cider bar at Tameside Beer Festival, Stalybridge Civic Hall from 12pm. Continues on Sat 14.

Sat 14 Rev Nat US Cider on tour – The Font, Chorlton, 3pm.Talk and tasting with Rev Nat one of the great innovators and experimenters with flavour. Followed by a tap takeover with Rev Nat at The Crown and Kettle from 6pm

Sat 14 Portland Cider and Craft Beer, Q&A with Jeff Alworth and Rev Nat (below) Intimate one hour discussion from 7.30pm in the C&K snug tickets only (from Crown & Kettle or Beer Buzz Mcr). 

Sun 15 Stretford Cider Party – 2pm to 8pm – Green Space, Stretford Mall. 2pm-8pm.

Cider bar with an exciting range of keg ciders, craft ciders and natural ciders. Wood-fired pizza, cheese stand and sausage van with a specially designed sausage for the Cider Party. Live music, Morris dancers and even a clog dancing workshop; there will also be family fun, children’s events and apple pressing – bring your own apples! Oh, and there will be guided cider tasting sessions as well, including and introduction to cider for beginners.

Other events:

Sat 14 Cider Tasting 12pm – The Silly Country, Droylsden. Local ciders with Chris Hewitt, Dunham Press Cider and Cider Pub of the Year presentation.

Sat 14 Summit in the OrchardPlatt Fields Park. 9.30am to 6pm. Join the Orchard Project for a day of networking, talks, workshops and loads more; all about community orchards and orchard culture. Includes a guided cider tasting with Dick Withecombe from Cider Week organisers Cider Buzz Mcr.