• Different Name, Same Pasta: Sugo Rebrand As Sud

Different Name, Same Pasta: Sugo Rebrand As Sud

13 February 2023

Earlier today well-loved pasta spot, Sugo Pasta Kitchen, released a surprise announcement stating they would be changing their name to ‘Sud Pasta’ (pronounced ‘sood’ and translating to 'South' in Italian).

The change of name stems from a dispute with a restaurant of the same name in Glasgow which was established in 2019. The debate has finally come to a head after the Glaswegian restaurant trademarked their name leaving the Manchester establishment forced to change their title despite being founded earlier.

Sud released this statement earlier today on Instagram:

“Same us. Same Mission. Same Pasta kitchen.

From today our new name will be Sud Pasta.

We’re aware that we can’t stop any speculation, however all we’ll say is that our home is in the kitchen, not the boardroom.

We love our new name. We love what it stands for. We love our “a Southern Italian pasta kitchen”.

Although the name change is now official and permanent, we have a sneaking suspicion the old name will continue to be used in passing around Manchester as Instagram user Rachieoc stated:

“Manchester institutions tend to retain their name... I still refer to Manchester Central as GMEX!”

Change isn’t all bad though, Sud ended their statement by mentioning their new incoming spring menu.

‘More importantly, we’ve got a brand new menu format starting In March.

The Sud Pasta Spring Menu.

Love, light and appreciation. Michael & Alex.”

As always, we’re eager to try to sample anything from their kitchen so we’ll eagerly await more news over on their socials, stay up to date here.