• Flat Cap Hotels have launched a pop-up kitchen to celebrate local culinary talent

Flat Cap Hotels have launched a pop-up kitchen to celebrate local culinary talent

18 October 2023

Flat Cap Hotels, the team behind some of the region’s most loved bars, hotels and restaurants, have launched a regular 'Pop-up Kitchen' to give a platform to local culinary stars and further develop the foodie scene in Cheshire and beyond.

The ‘Community Kitchen’ project collaborations aim to bring together local food and drink creators, giving them a platform to showcase their unique offerings, products, and services to a wider audience.

Typically, the businesses that Flat Cap Hotels will be working with are currently trading at markets or out of street food vans. This opportunity will give them the chance to utilise an award-winning restaurant space and bring their culinary mastery to a wider audience. 

Ticketed events will take place regularly across the Flat Cap Hotels collection which includes The Bridge in Prestbury, The Vicarage in Cranage, and The Courthouse in  Knutsford. These events not only present an opportunity for the culinary chefs to showcase their craft but also foster an exchange of skills, mentorship, and insights with the team at Flat Cap.

Guests can look forward to an array of cuisines and experiences as they witness the synergy between local chefs and the hotel's outstanding culinary teams. The ‘Pop-up Kitchen’ promises a gastronomic journey that celebrates the unique flavours and stories of the local community.

Flat Cap Hotels will be hosting the events two to three times a month, ensuring a regular influx of new and exciting culinary experiences for patrons. When asked about the upcoming events, Lily Brown at Flat Cap Hotels said: "Showcasing local chefs and their specialities is at the heart of this project. We're dedicated to giving these talented individuals a platform to shine and share their culinary artistry with the rest of the town. It's about celebrating the vibrant flavours of our community and creating memorable experiences for all.”

The businesses participating in these events have been carefully selected to provide a diverse and enticing array of cuisine, along with people who have a real story behind their journey. Among the culinary stars in the line-up are Beigel MCR, Tallow, Manchester Pasta Co, Hello Oriental, Knowles Green Artisans, and many more. Most recently Hello Oriental hosted a three-course menu evening at The Courthouse in Knutsford, with nearly 50 tables covered in the evening.

As Flat Cap Hotels takes this bold step towards community-driven collaboration, it reaffirms its commitment to creating meaningful connections, nurturing local talent, and offering memorable experiences that extend beyond the plate. 

More information about these events can be found here