• Here’s to a refreshing summer with Albert’s Schloss’ new Sommerhaus drinks menu

Here’s to a refreshing summer with Albert’s Schloss’ new Sommerhaus drinks menu

10 May 2022 by Deanna Thomas

Bavarian-style beer cellar and cook haus, Albert's Schloss, has launched a new cocktail menu to accompany its Sommerhaus summer season. Drinks have been designed to celebrate an upcoming season of sunshine, retreat and recreation.

Victorian Royalty used to spend the summer months in one of their country retreats, relaxing, reading and ruling from afar. Schloss’ new cocktail menu represents different areas of their summer abode; the Walled Garden, Conservatory, Ballroom and Drawing Room. Each section comes with their own type of cocktail whether it be long and refreshing or short and strong. 

They have even created beer syrups to include in their ‘super radlers’ and have an impressive selection of well-crafted non-alcoholic mocktails if you’re booze free.

We went over to explore the Sommerhaus drinks menu for ourselves. 

The menu starts off with the Walled Garden (all £10), a selection of fruity, floral and light drinks using lighter seasonal flavours like rose petal tea, peach puree, bergamot, lavender and watermelon. We tried a Violet Flutter-By made with Beefeater Gin, elderflower and bergamot liqueurs, lavender and lemon. It’s striking colour comes from the addition of butterfly pea tea and it’s shaken with aquafaba to give it a light foam. Very refreshing – highly recommend. 

Next, we turned to the Conservatory section (all £9.50) where you’ll find a series of spritzes in fruity sherbet flavours like raspberry, strawberry, cucumber and vanilla. Albert’s Schloss have re-invented the popular Aperol Spritz by adding watermelon – well balanced, not too sweet with bitter notes coming through from the Aperol.

Next is the Ballroom section (all £9.50) – designed to keep you hydrated whilst you get the party started Schloss-style. These are a selection of radlers or shandy-based drinks with added spirits and fruit. We tried the thirst-quenching Blood Orange Super Radler in a healthily sized stein with Żubrówska rose liqueur, lime, Fever Treet Blood Orange tonic topped with Stiegl lager. Refreshing and fruity enough for those who don’t typically drink lager.

Drinks in the Drawing Room section of the menu (all £10) are shorter and stronger, designed for sipping. Here’s where you’ll find the iced Espresso Martini, one of Schloss’ best sellers, but we settled into a comfy chair with a Blueberry Boulevardier made with Woodford Reserve Bourbon, Blueberry liqueur and Campari – smooth, fruity and strong with a hint of bitter aromatics. 

Don’t worry, the Klassics that Albert’s Schloss is well known for are all still on the menu from your Martini and Margaritas to your Mojitos and your Manhattans (all £10). What’s also great to discover is that the bar folk have put just as much creative energy into offering a selection of imaginative booze-free alternatives (all £6) using Lyre’s flavoured syrups rather than spirits. 

You can get a no-garita or a virgin mojito that’s perfectly balanced and refreshing and also looks the part too. We recommend the perky ‘not an amaretto sour’ with Lyre’s Amaretti, gomme, lemon and aquafaba.

Want to get on the piste and try all the different sections for yourself? Head down to Albert’s Schloss Mon-Fri between 4pm and 7pm to take advantage of their Apres Ski deal. Ballroom and Conservatory cocktails are all £5 each, Pilsner Urquell is also £5 and you can get bottles of Prosecco for £20 each. 

Albert’s Schloss, 27 Peter Street, Manchester, M2 5QR


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