• Lazy Sundae to open new Arndale branch

Lazy Sundae to open new Arndale branch

25 January 2023 by Sam Easton

Admittedly it’s still January so talking about ice cream doesn’t exactly feel natural right now but that doesn’t stop us looking forward to Lazy Sundae's upcoming expansion into the Arndale.

Established in 2021 and currently operating on Tib Street, Lazy Sundae offers a different sort of ice cream experience than we’re used to in Manchester. Pastel colours, subtle asian inspired flavours (matcha, taro & Thai tea to name a few) and a highly instagramable experience in store have built their reputation in a short space of time so it’s no wonder an expansion has come so quickly.

Alongside ice cream, Lazy Sundae also offers a host of other sweet treats such as souffle pancakes, bubble tea and they’ve even been known to have a special or two on the menu (fingers crossed for the return of the croffle).

Sitting amongst the Arndale's diverse range of traders, they’ve agreed to take on a1,305 sq ft unit on a 10-year lease where customers will be able to enjoy a ‘travel’ themed menu. Although plans are well under way, as of this moment there aren’t any confirmed opening dates.

Keep an eye on Lazy Sundae's socials for more updates.