31 January 2018

THE brothers who run Mughli and the brewmasters at First Chop have announced the launch of an exclusive light ale brew called ‘Horn OK Please’, available now in Mughli restaurants.

The beer is a collaboration between Richard Garner, founder at First Chop Brewing Arm, Haz Arshad of Mughli restaurants and renowned international Mancunian artist and illustrator Stanley Chow. It is a craftily hopped, straw-coloured ale with noticeable aroma of citrus and honey, making it a perfect fit for Mughli’s bold ‘Indian Soul Food’ dishes. These are inspired by the roadside ‘dhabba’ cafes and family kitchens of Mughal India.

The ‘Horn’ benefits in image terms from the label design by Mancunian Chow, who has gained global fame from his previous work, including portraits of famous faces such as Victoria Wood and Liam Gallagher.

Haz told us: “We have had a long lasting relationship with Rik and Stan, so working together on this project was great fun but a real labour of love too, as we had to ‘endure’ numerous taste tests alongside our food.  We just hope that everyone enjoys drinking ‘Horn OK Please’ as much as we enjoyed creating it!”

Stanley Chow, added: “Rik, Haz and I sat around the table to brainstorm some ideas. Haz came up with the name ‘Horn OK Please’ which is commonly painted on trucks, buses or local taxis in India to let people know that you are there, and I came along with the idea of a cow having been inspired by a recent trip to India with lasting memories of cows standing in the middle of the road and traffic and musical horns everywhere.”

Salford-based brewery First Chop Brewing Arm is the result of Richard Garner’s passion for experimenting with hop-forward craft beers. 

The Mughli Charcoal Pit is situated on Rusholme’s Curry Mile and its Bar + Kitchen on King Street in Knutsford.  For the latest news and updates from the restaurants, follow @mughli on Twitter and Instagram.