• Open Kitchen to host a seven-course vegan ‘meet the sustainable producer’ dinner

Open Kitchen to host a seven-course vegan ‘meet the sustainable producer’ dinner

1 August 2022 by Deanna Thomas

A new season of events is coming to Open Kitchen Cafe & Bar inspired by their motto: sustainable - ethical – delicious. 

Starting on Wednesday 24th August, each of the events will explore an aspect of sustainability in the most delicious way possible. Open Kitchen’s new foodie evenings will be hosted every month throughout the autumn and into winter 2022. Themes will include sustainably produced wines, locally produced cheese, a ‘nose to tail butchering’ taster menu, and more. 

Open Kitchen is a social enterprise that works with a huge range of food businesses to stop beautiful, perfectly edible food from being wasted. Ingredients they do purchase comes exclusively from local, sustainable, and ethical suppliers to produce delicious, seasonal menus that offers the lowest carbon catering possible.

The events will be held at Open Kitchen’s flagship city centre cafe and bar at People’s History Museum near Spinningfields. The first will be in partnership with the Kindling Trust, a Greater Manchester based charity producing and lobbying for local, seasonal, sustainably produced fruit and veg.

The Kindling Trust have a 3 acre farm at Woodbank in Stockport and are one of Open Kitchen’s range of local, ethical, sustainable, small-scale producers.

The evening will begin at 7pm with a complimentary welcome drink of organic vegan prosecco or wine and a talk from Kindling Trust Directors Chris Walsh and Helen Woodcock. They will discuss sustainable food production, its importance in relation to climate emergency, and what it means to call ingredients ‘sustainably produced’.

Guests will then enjoy a seven course vegan tasting menu created around local, organic, seasonal and sustainably produced vegetables and fruits from Kindling’s Woodbank Farm.

Open Kitchen Exec Chef James Bouchier and Head Chef Sean Lee will work closely with Kindling growers to create a menu that showcases the North West’s most beautiful local produce, demonstrating how truly tasty a local, seasonal ‘plot to plate’ ethos can be.

A range of organic, vegan wines, and low intervention wines from the UK, will be available throughout, along with local, independent craft beers.

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Tickets are available at £55 per person and the price includes welcome drink, the talk, and a seven-course menu on Wed 24th August 2022, 7pm - 11pm

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Open Kitchen Cafe & Bar at People’s History Museum, Left Bank, Spinningfields, M3 3ER