• Pomona Island’s flagship bar has finally opened to punters

Pomona Island’s flagship bar has finally opened to punters

5 October 2023

Local brewers Pomona Island have opened their flagship bar in Manchester city centre today.

Named North Westward Ho, the new opening has been eagerly awaited by craft beer and bottle lovers, as it’s the first permanent place Pomona fans can enjoy their favourite pour.

Taking its name from the legendary old pub ship that was moored at Pomona Docks in the 1970’s, North Westward Ho has a few nautical nods, including vintage paintings and large lamps reminiscent of the guiding glare of lighthouses. The interior – designed by Up North Architects - also welcomes a large cascading bar, forest green tiles and stained glass – providing a very sophisticated setting for pint.

Punters can expect a mammoth 18 lines of excellent craft-beer, along with five cask lines and four of natural wine and cider. This comes from the unrelated Little Pomona, a cider and perry shop based in North Herefordshire.

If none of that floats your boat, there’ll also be a range of German lagers, Belgian beers, English cider, mixed fermentation ales, Italian spritzes (breathes), cocktails, vermouth and amaro, as well as plenty of low and no options for the designated drivers.

The bar will be located in the former Chaophraya unit that sits above Sam’s Chophouse, not far from its sister bar The Gas Lamp on Bridge Street, which was also opened by the Pomona directors.

Speaking about the opening last year, the team said: ““We want the space to feel like a pub, not a bar and we want all the good things that come with that. Pub spaces are for anyone, places where people come to commune, we need a bit of that right now. We want it to feel inclusive.”

You can find out more about North Westward Ho by following its Instagram here.