• Salford Named ‘Best In UK’ For Beer Gardens

Salford Named ‘Best In UK’ For Beer Gardens

15 June 2023 by Sam Easton

Manchester is currently sweltering and blazing sunshine only brings one thing to the general publics minds and that’s beer gardens but according to a recent study, one of the best locations for beer gardens may be closer than you think.

According to a study conducted by Digital marketing agency Complete White Labelwhich analysed data from useyourlocal.com, Salford has been listed as the UK’s best location for beer gardens with a glorious 176 beer gardens per 100,000 residents with Manchester coming in at seven.

Top 20 cities for beer garden pubs per 100,000 residents

1. Salford – 176.1

2. Newcastle – 109.2

3. Wakefield – 92.7

4. Portsmouth – 87.3

5. Wolverhampton – 85.0

6. Nottingham – 81.1

7. Manchester – 80.1

8. Derby – 80.0

9. Bradford – 76.9

10. Southampton – 76.0

11. Sunderland – 74.8

12. Bristol – 60.0

13. Brighton & Hove – 58.2

14. Coventry – 56.2

15. Stoke-on-Trent – 52.2

16. Liverpool – 48.7

17. Sheffield – 48.1

18. Leeds – 47.9

19. Milton Keynes – 43.0

20. Cardiff – 42.5

James Taylor, agency cofounder had this to say about the findings: “Taking a trip out specifically to find a seat in a beer garden can be stressful in the summer, especially in population-dense cities where beer gardens can be few and far between.

“Venues should be mindful that outdoor space can be a big draw in the warmer months, and can also be a great way to generate social media buzz. Our analysis shows that tweets using the hashtag #beergarden enjoy an exceptionally high 61% retweet rate. They are also much more likely to include an image too, providing a fantastic organic means of promoting your venue to a local audience.

“The findings show that the North of England clearly has a fondness for beer gardens, so when it comes to planning your summer pub crawl then maybe the north should be the destination to opt for!”