13 April 2021 by Deanna Thomas

‘Who doesn’t like tacos and tequila?’ says chef patron of Wood Restaurant Simon Wood, who has just opened a month-long Mexican-inspired pop up outside his restaurant on First Street.

The newly expanded temporary terraced area has room for about 20 tables under cover of an all-weather marquee. Relax to the sounds of easy listening Latin beats while you scan the QR code to see the menu and place your food and drink order from your table.

Wood's pop up taco and tequila terrace

Although tacos are a quick and easy take-out option, Wood’s version is as carefully thought out as you’d expect from an ex-Masterchef champion. Fresh ingredients include Simon’s own signature Devil’s Tongue hot sauce, flavoured salts for the tequila cocktails, holy guacamole and pico de gallo, a fresh and piquant salsa. Each taco will be made to order and topped with a fermented red chilli - the heat of which ranges, so you take your chances...

Wood's chicken tacos - regular, or 'naked'

Each order is a trio of the same taco (£8), so you can’t mix and match unless you bring a friend or two to share. Because they’re corn based, the tacos are all gluten free but for an even healthier option, you can ask for ‘naked tacos’ where the filling is wrapped in a gem lettuce leaf instead.

There are three types to choose from:

High welfare pulled corn fed chicken with shredded gem lettuce, holy guacamole, pico de gallo and a drizzle of Devil’s tongue; Aleppo cod fish with Bonney pepper and lime sauce; Or (our surprise favourite) charcoal smoked oyster shroom, chilli cheese tostada, pico and pink onion.

For the full experience, we recommend you wash them down with one of five ice cold Margaritas on the menu (£8-£12), wine, fizz, beer or a soft drink. 

Tacos and tequila outside Wood Restaurant

Simon Wood told us how excited he was to re-open the restaurant properly on Wednesday 19th May and start serving customers face to face, “We’ve really stepped things up during lockdown,” he said. “We’ve worked so hard over the last ten months or so developing brand new five, seven and ten-course tasting menus and I’ve reduced the number of covers so we can really refine what we’re doing. I want to make it what I want it to be now we’re bold enough to stand up and fit where we want to fit.”

To book a table at Wood restaurant when they reopen this summer visit Wood Manchester

Wood is not taking bookings for their taco pop up. It’s walk ins only. 

The Taco Show Opening Times* 

Monday 12 - 12 noon - Late Tuesday 13 - 4pm - Late Wednesday 14 - 4pm - Late Thursday 15 - 4pm - Late Friday 16 - 4pm - Late Saturday 17 - 12 noon - Late Sunday 18 - 12 noon - 9pm. *Subject to change. Please keep an eye on @WoodRestaurants

WOOD Manchester, Jack Rosenthal Street, First Street, Manchester, M15 4RA