• Stockport’s iconic pyramid to be turned into a curry house and banquet hall

Stockport’s iconic pyramid to be turned into a curry house and banquet hall

7 September 2023

If you’ve ever jumped on the five-minute train between Manchester and Stockport, it’s likely that you’ve spotted the odd pyramid shaped building that stands proudly in the home of the Blossoms.

It’s lain empty for years, but now it has been confirmed that a Levenshulme favourite is about to turn the space into a huge curry house and banquet hall. Mahoob Hussain, who is the owner of the award-winning Royal Nawaab restaurant chain, is making the landmark the new home of his latest restaurant.

Royal Nawaab confirmed the new Stockport space in an Instagram post, stating: “Unveiling the Grandeur: New Royal Nawaab Manchester Opening Summer 2024. Until we open, visit our two branches in Perivale and Ilford.”

Royal Nawaab's Stockport Road digs became popular with many Mancunians looking for authentic Asian cuisine. Sadly, the popular restaurant closed earlier this year, but the discussions between Hussain and the pyramids owners will now see Royal Nawaab bring new life to the abandoned Stockport structure.

Originally opened back in 1992, the pyramid was due to join five other triangular structures as part of Manchester’s very own ‘Valley of Kings’ along the Mersey. However, after developers filed for bankruptcy, Stockport was left with just one that was later repossessed by the Co-op.

With 86,000 sq ft of office space spread out over five floors, the pyramid became the base for the business’ call centre until 2018, when the offices were moved to the NOMA area of Manchester city centre.

Royal Nawaab is now the very first tenants of the bulding’s new owner and will also join a number of bars, restaurants and independent retail spaces making Stockport their home.

Keep an eye on Royal Nawaab’s socials for any further updates.