14 May 2021 by Deanna Thomas

Malaysian food is incredible. In fact, it wouldn’t be out of order to suggest that a huge part of Malaysian culture revolves around cooking, eating, and exploring the wonderful night markets and their bountiful food stalls. 

In simplistic terms Malaysian food takes the best Chinese and Indian flavours and cooking techniques together with an abundance of fresh exotic ingredients, to come up with delicious unique dishes that are seldom available in the west.

The nearest Manchester comes to great Malaysian food is at independent Pan-Asian restaurant Tampopo. Owner David Fox has been working closely with a consultant chef from Kuala Lumpur for years to recreate authentic Malaysian flavours. And now he has persuaded her to share her culinary secrets with a brand-new cookery school which it takes place live from Malaysia.

The online series of cook-alongs, hosted by Tampopo via Zoom, will be led by the wonderful Ana, live from the Lazat School of Cooking in Kuala Lumpur. As monkeys scamper through the canopy outside the Lazat academy, Tampopo pupils can join the class from the comfort of their own kitchen. Ana, a longtime partner and friend of Tampopo will guide pupils through some of the most glorious Malaysian dishes ever to grace the Tampopo menu including those that Ana helped to create, like their famous Nasi Goreng, Chicken Satay and spicy Peanut sauce. Ana’s knowledge and passion for Malaysian food is second to none!

The whole session is hosted in the warm, welcoming style that Malaysia is known for - there’s no pretensions, and no one is left behind despite being on the other side of the globe. It’s a fun, laid back cookery session where everyone can join in no matter what their experience. The classes are structured so that participants can cook all dishes live and have for lunch or finish later and save for dinner. 

For those that prefer their cookery schools 'IRL' Tampopo founder David Fox will be hosting classes at the Trafford Centre restaurant too - a chance to learn about East Asian cooking from the brand’s originator. 

The cookery schools are a unique way to learn all about authentic East Asian cooking and cuisine as Ana and David share the secrets to creating those glorious, vibrant flavours that make these dishes so special. From Classic Malaysian curry to Vietnamese Summer Rolls - graduates of the cookery schools will finish the class with some excellent new dishes and techniques up their sleeve - and of course with a stunning lunch ready to share with the family and friends. 

Tampopo’s Virtual Cookery School costs £50 for 2 people. Pupils will receive a recipe kit in the post beforehand including all the herbs, spices and vegetables for 2 people. 

Tampopo’s restaurant-based sessions include a welcome drink and lunch at the restaurant and cost £65 per person. 

The sessions kick off from Saturday June 12th at 10am. The full programme of cookery school sessions and tickets can be found here