• Three Independent Gems That All Mancunians Have To Visit At Least Once

Three Independent Gems That All Mancunians Have To Visit At Least Once

20 April 2023 by Sam Easton

Manchester’s wide array of restaurants, bars and general eateries is nothing short of jaw dropping however sometimes the focus lies a little bit too much on the newer and larger establishments and not enough on our independents across the city. We put our feelers out and selected some of Manchester’s essential independent gems that you must visit at least once while living here.


Alongside Café Marhaba and This & That, The Yadgar is one of Manchester’s original rice and three restaurants. An inherently Mancunian way of consuming authentic curry dishes, diners are welcomed to choose three hearty curry portions of their choice served alongside a portion of rice. Any curry connoisseur will recognise The Yadgar as an essential visit but passers by may be surprised when faced with the information. The décor is plain, the shop front unassuming but the food is authentic, rich and packed with flavour. The owner Fred is in himself and bit of a legend and well known around NQ however you’re doing better than me if you can get a smile out of him but will that stop me from going in for my usual of Chicken curry, dhal, lamb curry and two chapatis? Not a chance. A timeless establishment and true Thomas Street institution.

Seoul Kimchi

This seriously tiny Korean restaurant has recently gained critical acclaim from none other than Jay Rayner who described it as “cheap, gutsy Korean soul food” and when we say it’s a hidden gem, we really mean it. Seoul Kimchi is situated in a bit of a questionable area next to the MRI hospital, a blood bank and a very bog-standard set of student halls (traffic cone in window included) but what it lacks In the ambience of the area it lies in it more than makes up for with the quality and authenticity of it’s food. Serving up a range of classic Korean dishes such as Bibimbap and Bulgogi, this is definitely one to come to with an open mind but we promise they pay off is huge.

Eat and Sweet

If you’re a lover of Caribbean food then Eat & sweet is an undeniable necessity in your repertoire of restaurants. Serving up some of the city centres very best island meals that stay true to their original roots. You'll find all your recognisable favourites here; patties, goat curry, ackee and salt fish and of course, jerk chicken. Although they were previously found in a tiny unit on Church street their time there unfortunately came to an end prematurely after the building was sold. As it stands they’re still looking for a new home but we’re sure an institution this respected won’t stay down for long.

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