• Three Northwest Restaurants Have Been Awarded Michelin Stars

Three Northwest Restaurants Have Been Awarded Michelin Stars

12 April 2023 by Sam Easton

That time in the gastronomic calendar has come round once again and chefs everywhere have either rejoiced or despaired at the results.That’s right, the Michelin Stars for 2023 have been announced.

Although this year unfortunately saw Manchester miss out on any further additions for the time being, we did see a selection of ours Neighbours succeed. So who made the cut? Let’s find out.


First up we have renowned chef Tim Allen’s first venture on his own, the aptly named, Sō-Lō. Allen is no stranger to a Michelin star being involved in many previous projects that have attained the prestigious award including Launceston Place and The Flitch of Bacon. Founded in late 2021 and located in Aughton, near Ormskirk, Sō-Lō joins the highly regarded Moor Hall in making Aughton a bit of a foodie oasis. This frankly, exceptional restaurant will provide you with a six-course tasting menu for £85 pounds and it’s worth every penny.


Second up we have Heft found in High Newton which also won a star in its second year. Owned by highly regarded chef and fan of a good forage Kevin Tickle, this 17th century inn is now home to some of Cumbrias most exquisite cuisine all while retaining its down to earth feel. Kevins menus are continuously playful, intelligent and accentuated with his sense of humour. You’ll be able to sample the set dinner here for £99.50 per person.

The Samling

Last but not least and also found in Cumbria, The Samling rounded off its story of redemption by regaining its Michelin star after previously losing it In 2017. Having its kitchens overseen by the fantastic Robby Jenks has changed this restaurants fates and put it back to its once winning ways. Come for the unbelievable food but stay for the stunning countryside and gorgeous views over the lake. Coming in at a slightly higher price, you’ll be able to have dinner here for £115 per person.

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