• Bombay to Mumbai

Bombay to Mumbai

10 Fir Road




0161 439 0055


Sandeep Gursahani, once of the Mumbai’s legendary Taj Hotel has assembled a team of chefs who have all worked in 5 star kitchens in the city and has created a colourful Bollywoodesque backdrop. 

This fantastic Indian restaurant is well worth heading over to Bramhall for. This is one of those very special independent places with the same level of hospitality they would show guests in their own home and a deep, deep love of good food. 

There are lots of starters to work through to give you a genuine glimpse of the sort of street food you're likely to find in Mumbai: vada pav, bel puri, samosa chat, masala dosa and lots more from the tandoori oven.

There are lots of interesting veggie main courses to choose from as well as classics like lamb bhuna and butter chicken.

If you like things spicy, try the ‘Staff curry’ with lamb (£12.95) or chicken (£11.95) comes with a heat warning. Described on the menu as ‘a ferocious coconut based curry to keep our team on toes,’ it's the kind of intensely delicious backstreet dish people in the know like to eat, leaving tourists to their tikkas. 

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