31 Sackville Street


M1 3LZ

Manchester’s most famous - and possibly only - Ethiopian restaurant is located in a small upstairs room in the heart of the Gay Village. Food takes centre stage amid rich dusky reds and African prints, with prices seldom straying over £10 a head. A sheet of edible pancake is unfurled across the table with subtly spiced mains served directly onto the bread. Chicken on the bone (doro wat, £5.90), minced beef Kitfo (£6.50), anything lamb (yebeg alicha fitfit, or lamb stew mixed with pancake) and veggie options including lentil, spinach, mild mixed vegetable sauce made with cabbage, potato and carrots seasoned with spices (Yetsom beyeynetu) are recommended. Sup Ethiopian wine or St Georges light Ethiopian lager on the side.

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