• Heaton Hops

Heaton Hops

7 School Lane

Heaton Chapel



07578 621639


The Heatons is the richest area for craft beer shops in the whole of the region. Taste of Manchester is a huge fan of Corin Bland's Stockport Bottle at 9A Shaw Road with a great carry-out selection and seven keg taps for those who can't resist drinking in, while the longer-established Beer Shop at 13 Kingsleigh Road, Heaton Mersey is equally welcoming for on and off sales. But the current pick is probably Heaton Hops, Damian O'Shea and Charlotte Winstone's stylish tap room/bottle shop across the A6 in Heaton Chapel. It feels more like as true bar – with its eight keg lines and two cask pumps – than the others while still boasting an amazing range of ales in store. Check out the flagon fill station for an ultra-fresh carry-out.

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