1C School Lane

Didsbury Village


M20 6RD

0161 445 3996


The perfect neighbourhood bistro is the aim of chef/proprietor/crowdfunder extraordinaire Gary Usher, who has got pretty close at his other establishments, Sticky Walnut in Chester and Burnt Truffle in Heswall. We like the decor featuring cabinets crafted from old Indian window frames, and tiles found in a nearby salvage yard, while a mirror scrawled all over with names is a thank you to all Hispi’s Kickstarter backers, who pledged £50,000 towards the project, originally planned for Chorlton. The presentation of his food is engagingly shy, belying the bold, clear flavours under the crispy potato strands or flurries of microleaves. Service is as consistently good as the food (don’t neglect to order the truffle fries).

This venue is listed in our Taste of Manchester Taste Charts: