• Lets Fress Deli

Lets Fress Deli

70 Bury Old Rd


M45 6TL

0161 798 0343


Cooper's 'Let's Fress' Deli is a local family run kosher delicatessen and catering business providing home-made produce from their Prestwich base.

They serve buns, salads, home made schnitzels, latkes, smoked salmon, fish balls and much more, but this is the place for a quality weekend brunch to go. 

Sunday is bagel and brunch day in Jewish culture, so this well established deli developed an incredible ‘£5 Sunday bagel deal’ for the local community –and those in the know from further afield. This astonishing offer is comprised of six fresh bagels, plus a packet of smoked salmon and tubs of cream cheese, chopped herring and egg mayonnaise, You can upgrade with ten assorted fish balls or salmon cutlets for a grand total of £10. 

Let's Fress (meaning “let’'s stuff our faces”) has an outside catering operation and deli counter selling everything from sweet and sour chicken to ‘tuna torpedos’. It’s well worth the foray.

Sunday Breakfast special: 6am-8pm. Take out only.

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