• NQ64


9 Short Street


M4 1AA

NQ64 is the Northern Quarter’s neon splattered drinking den full of retro arcade games and classic consoles. Enjoy pinball, dance step machines, Guitar Hero, all time classic fighting games like Mortal Kombat, Tekken and Street Fighter, Point Blank shooting games, early generation consoles like Sony Megadrive, Original Playstation, a Nintendo games cube and more.

The good news is, they take as much pride in their drinks selection as they do in the games. Enjoy the perfect combo of sipping on game-themed cocktails or craft beers, whilst button bashing to victory against your mates. There’s an ever changing list of beer, just ask your server for their recommendations.

They have created a specially themed cocktail menu, but if you’d prefer a classic, all you have to do is ask.

There are just a few rules to follow, but it’s common sense really. Things like don’t bash the machines if you find a problem, just let them know, some are quite old and just need some TLC sometimes. Don’t game hog, if you lose and someone’s waiting, move on. Don’t put food or drinks on the cabinets, but use one of the little tables at each game to rest your things on.

This bar is for over 18’s only but NQ64 has a few games inside Dog Bowl on Whitworth St West where children (and dogs!) are welcome. NQ64 recently opened a second city centre branch on Peter Street.

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