267 Upper Brook Street

M13 0HR

0161 274 4441

This Persian restaurant is a bit of a local secret. Coming at you like a 1970s dictators boardroom, its all worn wood paneling, and maps of parts of the world, with Middle Eastern carved details. Don’t be put off thought as this is a prime spot for on-the-money falafels, bababganoush, pickles fatoush and lamb kebabs, potato kibbeh (mashed potato stuffed with minced lamb and deep fried) and bourak pastries. Mains cover the lamb, veggie and seafood bases, in reasonable and authentic stylings. We particularly like the spinach stew, cooked with coriander, onions, garlic and herbs, topped with fried onion and pomegranate sauce. Drink iced yoghurt, the house soda and lime or bring your own wine or beer for £1 a bottle.

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