46 George Street


M1 4HF

0161 228 6500

Bring your own booze at this intimate jungle tavern where diners can share what we consider to be the most authentic (and insanely chilli-fied) Thai favourites in town. Practically everything is great - and if you are unfamiliar with the food of the land of the kings, there’s are several set options (from £20 a head) to give a guided tour. We recommend Yam Ta Lay (prawn and squid with lemongrass, lime leaves, chilli and lime), chicken jungle curry or Pla Neung Ma Nao (steamed whole sea bass with celery, garlic, chilies and lemon), tilapia with sticky pepper sauce or “Weeping Tiger” steak with tamarind sauce. Non-alcoholic drinks include Thai iced tea or coffee, assorted Chinese teas and non-alcoholic cocktails. Just mind the fake palm fronds.

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