• Rice


Gateway House

5 Piccadilly Approach


M1 2GH

0161 236 4364


Located right on Piccadilly Approach on the way to (or from) the train station, Rice is famous for healthy food and consistency. The idea is to bring flavoursome culinary tastes from all corners of the world to your palate with a focus on Asia –and, of course, dishes that include rice, the grain of life. 

Choose a companion for your rice and a rice style from various parts of the globe; Jamaican jerk chicken, Thai Red Curry, Mexican Beef Chilli, Japanese salt and pepper tofu and More. Combined your protein (including 'coal grills' and sides) with a choice of rice or rice noodles cooked in various ways (Indonesian coconut, savoury brown) and you're good to go. 

Light, breezy, bright and unexpectedly moreish.

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