• The Great Kathmandu

The Great Kathmandu

140 Burton Road

West Didsbury

M20 1QJ

0161 445 2145


The Great Kathmandu is one of the city’s only - and best - Nepalese restaurants. In the embrace of good service, relax in an unpretentious setting and explore delicacies from the Himalayan kingdom of Nepal. Searingly spicy phal (regarded by many as the hottest curries on earth) is a rite of passage for curry fans (we got a free beer for finishing ours) while less sense-abrasive choices include catch all faves like mis mas makhanwala (tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, seekh kebab, boti kebab cooked in butter sauce with tomatoes & fresh cream), lamb cooked in achar (pickle) and mustard oil with a blend of spices and green chillies (chaat phat), lambs kidneys with ginger and garlic (kidney masala). Side dishes, starters and condiments like paneer chilli (cottage cheers, with immense spicy flavours), onion bread (kulcha) or house special nan stuffed with potatoes, cheese, coriander, herbs and spices cooked in the charcoal oven are another strength. There’s a simple wine and beer selection too.

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