• Yagdar Café

Yagdar Café

71 Thomas Street


M4 1LQ

0161 831 7753

Yadgar Café is a simple little curry house on Thomas Street and must be one of the Northern Quarter’s oldest establishments. 

Its bright yellow and red (now pink) signage seems out of place amongst the slicker, newer venues that surround it but places like this draw huge crowds of regulars who appreciate good-value, simple, honest cooking.

This restaurant hasn’t changed much over the last three decades or so, but why should it. Unlike similar places, the no-frills Yadgar has resisted renovation. Here, you’ll get rice and three delicious home-style curries on paper plates for around a fiver.

Lifted the lids of the silver serving dishes to reveal a decent range of curries both meat and veg: chicken karahi; lamb karahi; lamb and spinach; lamb keema; mixed veg chickpeas and dahl.

There's a good ambience at lunchtime just because it's so busy with all different kinds of people coming in and out. Unpretentious and inclusive.

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