• Ad Hoc - A fantastic new wine shop has opened in the Northern Quarter

Ad Hoc - A fantastic new wine shop has opened in the Northern Quarter

26 October 2021 by Deanna Thomas

Ad Hoc is the Northern Quarter’s newest go-to spot to grab an incredible selection of canned beers, bottled wines and good times. Since opening on Edge Street earlier this year, in a former art gallery opposite Common and Co, it has hit the ground running thanks to its hand-picked selection of the best boozy bits. 

The shop, run by the incredibly approachable Miles Burke and Charlie Heyes, is fast becoming a firm favourite with city centre dwellers, shoppers and office workers because of its vast selection of bottles from all corners of the globe. Discover really interesting Old and New World wines, natural and low-intervention wines, sparkling wines and lesser-known wines from places like Canada, Georgia and Hungary, all at affordable and fair prices. 

If you’re not sure what to choose, Miles or Charlie will be more than happy to help you narrow it down. Just tell them your budget, your occasion, whether it’s to drink on its own or with food etc and they’ll sort you out. 

Their ‘house’ bottle, La Ficelle Union Des Vignerons Saint-Pourcain, (£12.90) is a people pleasing blend of Gamay and Pinot Noir, and is delicious served lightly chilled. If you can’t wait to take that (or any other bottle) home, feel free to open it up and drink in store for a £5 corkage. You can even throw in a packet from Ad Hoc’s selection of Torres crisps in truffle or jamon to go with it.

Bottles range from around £10 to £100 and all are from independent wineries with an organic and biodynamic focus. If you want to hear it, Miles and Charlie can tell you the story behind each and every one on the shelves. You’ll a selection of people pleasing Pinots and easy sipping cans to the more hard-to-get-your-hands-on vintages for real wine, beer and spirits connoisseurs.

Ad Hoc sell more than wine. Customers will also find shelves stacked full of more interesting beers and ciders from brewers far and wide including a small selection of low ABV and non alcoholic beers. Across the top shelves, you’ll find a great selection of spirits including vermouths, gins, rums, vodkas and more so you’ll have all you need to knock up your favourite drink at home. If you’d prefer to leave the shaking and stirring to the professionals, you can buy a can of Pocket Negroni or an Old Fashioned. 

“We offer a vast selection of hand-picked wines, beers and spirits (all tried and tested) so that there’s truly something for everyone,” says Miles. “We want everyone to enjoy the best wines possible at affordable prices, whilst making the most of our window bar top and stools along with just a fiver corkage in the shop.”

You’ll find Ad Hoc on Edge Street in Manchester’s Northern Quarter 

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