• PASTA PIZZA BOWLS: Lucky Mama's in Chorlton

PASTA PIZZA BOWLS: Lucky Mama's in Chorlton

19 April 2024 by Rhiannon Ingle

Ever been to an Italian restaurant and, for the life of you, couldn't make your mind up as to whether you wanted pasta or pizza?

Well, that's no longer a problem over at Lucky Mama's on Chorlton's buzzing Barlow Moor Road as the ingenious chefs have devised an all-new creation - pasta made freshly on site served up in a bowl made entirely out of pizza.

The small walk-ins restaurant is also serving up their Old School Ragù made with slow-cooked beef bolognese sauce with bay leaves and Italian soffritto, the fan-favourite Alfredo made with creamy garlic and parmesan cheese sauce with mushrooms and red onions, the Mama's Favourite square roman pizza made with tomato sauce, mozzarella fior di latte, tuna, red onions, black olives with a drizzle of garlic oil and, of course, their signature mozzarella and parmesan cheesy garlic bread - perfect for feeding those carb cravings.

And, if you're after a sweet treat after all that, be sure to try out the Lucky Dough Balls offering up a sweet take on Mama's delicious dough.

All priced at just a fiver each, you can choose from: Pistachio Cream and White Chocolate Drizzle, Kinder Cream and Nutella Drizzle and the OG Cinnamon & Sugar.

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