A passion called food

With his sparkling eyes and a true passion for his job, David Gale, appointed Executive Chef at the new City Inn hotel, is definitely made to win challenges. Working inside City Café kitchens since the ...

3 July 2007

The French Connection

According to Chiara Petracca, Consul of Italy in Manchester, this is one of the best restaurants in town. She didn’t need to persuade us to come. Our dinner for four at “The Frenchâ€? at The ...

22 June 2007

Go EastzEastward

Recently, I was writing an article regarding consistency within the Manchester food and drink scene. No surprise then that one of the first venues to come to mind was MFDF’s current restaurant of the year, ...

20 June 2007

Italian and proud

Many good Italian restaurants in Manchester? Wrong. Only a handful name, according to Numero’s Head Chef Luca Depalo (pictured), who is proud of his cuisine as much as he is conscious that “all the others ...

1 June 2007

Zinc, seven years later

I first reviewed Zinc shortly after it opened in August 2000. Cold and clinical, with a menu and pricing structure imported from London, it was hardly surprising that it failed to set Manchester alight. The ...

11 May 2007